Club Bylaws

The name of this organization is the “Nanaimo Disc Golf Club,” hereafter referred to as the NDGC.

The mission of the NDGC is to:
· Promote the development of disc golf and other disc activities through organization, cooperation, and competition.
· Be responsible for all course-related matters, such as future planning, course improvement, course design, basket placement and local tournaments in the Nanaimo Regional District.
· Serve as a working partner with the City of Nanaimo on all disc golf course-related issues and activities.
· Organize and coordinate the efforts of member volunteers to increase the quality and quantity of disc activities in Nanaimo.
· Provide information on disc golf and other disc related activities.
· Educate its members and the community on the benefits and joy of “disc play”.
· Emphasize safety by encouraging all players to ensure, as best possible, that other park users are clear of potential disc flight paths before throwing.

Active membership in the NDGC is contingent upon payment of a membership fee. Annual membership dues are set by the board and the annual membership period coincides with the AGM held annually in October.

Membership may be revoked or suspended by a majority of the Board of Directors for conduct that reflects negatively on the NDGC or the Board Members.

The privileges of membership include:
· The right to vote in NDGC elections.
· The right to be a member of a committee or to hold office in the NDGC.
· The responsibility of assisting with functions where applicable and able.
· Non-members and non-active members shall have none of the privileges of Members.
· An invitation to play in the year end bag tag tournament.
· Annual Membership in B.C. Disc Sports (BCDS).
· Discounted play at Pryde Vista Disc Golf Course.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the NDGC and will hereafter be referred to as “the Board.” Any decision that would have a significant impact on the NDGC shall be decided by a majority vote of the Board. Examples include, but are not limited to course design and layout, signage, decisions to hold local tournaments, major expenditures, changes to
bylaws, and any disciplinary-related actions.

All Board position terms shall be for a period coinciding with the Annual General Meeting to be held annually in October. Nominations for the board shall take place in the month leading up to the AGM and shall close prior to the vote at the AGM.

The President can only be in the position for 2 consecutive years.

Board Officer positions include:
· President
· Vice President
· Treasurer
· Secretary
· Members at Large-3

Ties will be decided by a runoff election vote to be done immediately. If the office again remains a tie, it will be decided by the highest ranking officer, not involved with the tie. The officers are ranked in the order shown above.

Any officer who resigns will have a replacement appointed by the Board for the remainder of the term.

Any officer may be removed by a majority vote of all members sitting on the Board whenever, in the judgment of the Board, the best interests of the NDGC would be served thereby.

All Board of Director Members shall:
· Be a current dues paying Member of the Club.
· Attend no fewer than two (2) quarterly Club meetings annually to be
considered in good standing.
· Attend at least 25% of club events so as to appear active to all other club
members. If club a club member is incapable of participating in club sponsored events due to injury or illness, their presence at events in a leadership capacity is still expected within the limits of their ailment.
· Act with professionalism, fairness, and honesty in all Club matters.
· Address all inquiries and suggestions from Club Members and respond to each in a timely manner.
· Represent the Club with proper and positive attitude and strive to promote the Club at all times.
· Be a current or past member of the PDGA.
· Attend a minimum of 4 scheduled work days in each calendar year.
· Participate in solicitation of sponsorships for any PDGA event.

Additional Board positions may be added as necessary, but this shall require an amendment to these bylaws as described herein.

Board members shall serve the NDGC on a strictly voluntary basis with no monetary or material compensation. Reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the NDGC by Board members will be paid by NDGC funds.

No officer shall be personally liable for any debts or liabilities of the Club in general, unless said Board Member’s acts or omissions, causing such debts or liabilities, involve wilful or wanton misconduct. No officer shall gain any personal profit from the actions of the Club.

Duties of the Board

The President will:
· Schedule meetings of the Board as needed. Board meetings may be either in-person or by electronic communication at a set time.
· Preside at all meetings of the Board and the AGM.
· Make interim appointments and appoint committee heads as required with the approval of the Board.
· Have the authority to sign checks and contracts with the knowledge of the Treasurer.
· Schedule and coordinate local tournaments with approval by the Board.
· Serve as the primary interface in communication with the NRD, City of Nanaimo and other outside organizations.
· Oversee the annual nomination of Board members.

The Vice President will:
· Perform the duties of an absent President and perform such duties as are assigned to him by the President.
· Be responsible for maintaining the course, which includes:

– Keeping all baskets locked in position as appropriate.
– Maintaining basket locks and sleeves.
– Moving baskets to alternate sleeve locations when appropriate.

· Assist the President with annual Board nominations.

The Treasurer will:
· Have charge of all funds of the organization.
· Maintain the Club’s bank account.
· Make an annual financial report to the membership at the fall meeting.
· Provide a report of the club’s finances upon request.
· Have the authority to sign checks with the knowledge of the President.
· Coordinate the collection of dues and keep track of paying members.
· Present the Club’s annual operating budget that includes estimated annual income and expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year.

The Secretary/Public Relations Director will:
· Be responsible for the communication of information within the structure of the Club.
· Record and disseminate the agenda, minutes, and notes from Club meetings.
· Respond to public inquiries.
· Develop and maintain appropriate signage and course maps.
· Answer appropriate Club email, or forward such communication to the President.
· Maintain membership lists and contact information.

Members at Large (3 positions):
Member at Large responsibilities will include but won’t be limited to:
· Weekly event organization
· Monthly event organization
· Community outreach organization
· Club social gatherings
· Organization of work days
· Any other leadership roles which may be required.

Members at Large will use the position of leadership to gain valuable experience in all areas of club operation in order to become effective Officers of the club in the future.

Members at Large will review matters/instances of any Member’s questionable behaviour and decide on appropriate action.

Members at Large, as outlined above, must maintain a satisfactory standing for one calendar year, fulfilling any and all requirements of the role prior to running for an elected Officer position.

Paid Membership (A dues paying member in good standing)
Membership shall not be denied to any individual based on race, religion, sex,
ethnicity, age, dialect, or level of disc golf ability.

Upon payment of the annual dues, members will receive a bag tag as proof of membership. Replacement tags are available at a nominal fee to cover costs.

Membership is valid from AGM to AGM.

Membership can be denied or revoked by a majority vote of the Board for violent, obscene, or harmful behaviour, or for non-payment of money owed to the club.

Membership dues shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors.

Membership dues shall be used for the growth of the Club and expenses as listed herein.

A club member is considered in good standing when his/ her membership dues are current and he/ she has no outstanding debts to the club. All club members are expected to demonstrate upstanding conduct while present at any course and during all club related activities.

Failure to maintain upstanding conduct including but not limited to: intentional
damage to park property, littering, excessive foul language, demonstrative rage, violation of park rules, violation of Club bylaws, etc. will be reviewed by the Board. A three (3) strike warning system will be implemented, leading to the expulsion of said member(s) from the club. Warnings will be issued by the Board.

Club Members have the right to vote at end-of-year (annual) elections for Board as specified above. Members may vote In person at the AGM Club meeting.

Club Members are responsible for proper use of club information, documents, and for their own behaviour.

All Club Members have the right to express their viewpoints at club meetings and through the Club’s internet presence. Club Members have the right to petition or lobby other Club Members and the Board for the purpose of improving the Club or to sway a decision. This type of activity is limited to issues directly related to Club matters and should not be used as a platform for
private gain.

Club members are responsible for their own safety and wellbeing at any club sponsored event.

Club members will participate in club events at their own risk and will never be required to attend any event they do not wish to participate in due to safety concerns. Safety hazards will be reviewed by the Board and corrective action taken when necessary.

All Club Members have the right to attend or not to attend Club functions (unless a Member is specifically required to attend said function as required by these Bylaws). All Members are highly encouraged to attend Club meetings, volunteer at Club events and functions, and promote disc golf in a positive manner. Members may request resolution of Club-related disputes through the Operations Team at any time.


· Any purchases on the Club’s behalf over $250 must be voted on and approved by the Board.
· Expenses include but are not limited to membership gifts, tournament prizes and entry packages, advertising, insurance, course maintenance/enhancement, web hosting, and other incidental expenses incurred during the operation of the Club.
· Any funds loaned to the club by individual Members shall be returned in full within the agreed upon timeframe.
· Only the President, Vice President and Treasurer will have access to any/all club bank accounts/payment methods. A Board Member may make purchases on the behalf of one of these 3 individuals with Board approval.

· Any income from club hosted events, sponsorships, or the sale of merchandise shall remain the property of the Club.
· Such funds shall be used only for the growth of the club and expenses as listed above.
· Any funds invested by the club shall be maintained by the Treasurer.
· No Club Member shall profit from any income the Club receives in the process of normal operations.
· All income and funds residing in the bank account(s) shall be used for the specific purpose of furthering Disc Golf Club and promoting disc golf in our communities.


Nanaimo Disc Golf Club Bylaws

Society Incorporation Number: S0071746

Filed Date and Time: July 30, 2019  11:32 AM Pacific Time