Women’s League

A few of the Nanaimo women out for a round at Bowen Park. Photo captured by GMAC.

All Women Welcome Anytime

The Nanaimo women’s disc golf league encourages women to join in anytime, whether you want to drop in for a random round, play casually just for fun,  or show up weekly to develop your skills to play and compete within the wider disc golf community!

If you’ve never played before, we will introduce you to the sport of disc golf either during our weekly rounds or one-on-one, if you prefer.  We will also provide discs for you to borrow for the round if you need them, just let us know ahead of time so we can make sure we have them available for you on that day.

The best way to learn is to come out and play; and the only way to improve your personal game is to keep on practicing consistently!

Join the  Nanaimo Women’s Disc Golf Facebook group for information and updates.  Hosted by Kerstin.

Calendar of Events for Women

Disc Golf Clinics

The NDGC has organized various disc golf clinics for our women’s league. The clinics provide an invaluable opportunity to learn new disc golf skills, form and technique in a small group setting, with a Professional Disc Golfer leading each clinic.

We have been fortunate to have the leadership of several touring Professional Disc Golfers: Geoffrey McNamara “GMAC” from Nanaimo, and also Aleesha Bird from Victoria, BC. GMAC has led two clinics for us: a Disc Golf Putting Clinic, and a Disc Golf Strategy & Course Management Clinic; and Aleesha led a Forehand Clinic. We look forward to future disc golf clinics, and if you’re interested in taking part, please get in touch with us.

Forehand Clinic at Bowen Park with Aleesha Bird
Disc Golf Strategy & Course Management Clinic with GMAC Geoffrey McNamara
Putting Clinic with GMAC Geoffrey McNamara